Bronx Institute Awarded a $25,000 Grant.

    The Bronx Institute Enlace program received a $25,000 grant for the 2024 school year from Con Edison, a long-time funder of the educational nonprofit based at Lehman College.

    The grant will fund the ENLACE, a program dedicated to nurturing the talents of high-achieving Latino Students in Bronx schools. The funds will be used to create a new cohort of middle schoolers, providing them with a foundation of academic guidance, rigorous academic enrichment activities, and college counseling services.

    “We are deeply grateful to Con Edison for their steadfast dedication to ENLACE,” said Professor Herminio Martinez, Executive Director of The Bronx Institute and a member of the Department of Middle and High School Education. “This grant will allow us to recruit a fresh cohort of ENLACE scholars and help guide them through the challenges that lie ahead.”