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    How to Prepare for High School

    One of the most important school years is 7th grade. As you prepare to enter high school, most schools will pay close attention your grades and standardized exam results this year. Here are some tips to help you make the most of middle school and get ready for high school.

    1. Get ready early: You probably already made a high school list in sixth grade, but now is the time to go back and revise and finalize it. Your goals may have changed since last year, so it’s a good idea to have a new, up-to-date list that reflects your interests. If possible, once you have a finalized list, attend some events hosted by these schools to see if they are the right fit

    2. Start studying for the SHSAT: New York City’s eight specialized high schools use the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) to determine which students will get in. You’ll likely take the SHSAT in eighth grade, but the time to start studying is now! It can be a tough test, consisting of language arts and math sections. you’re planning to take the SHSAT, talk to your GEAR UP coach as soon as possible—they can help you study and offer some key test-taking strategies.

    3. Keep those grades up: High schools will pay close attention to the grades you get in 7th grade, so this year, you’ll want to do your absolute best to get into your top-choice schools. Excelling academically in middle school builds a solid foundation for success in high school, and, eventually, college.

    Talk to your GEAR UP coaches for more tips and information about how to prepare for high school.